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YSL Paris Premières Roses

The new feminine fragrance of Yves Saint Laurent is called ‘Paris Premières Roses’.

It is a seductive Limited Edition Spring version of the already legendary ‘Paris’ fragrance. Paris Premières Roses is all about Spring, roses and lightness with a soft and delicate bouquet of peony, musk, sandalwood, orange blossom, violet, lily of the valley, eglantine and – of course – roses.

YSL Paris Premières Roses will be in stores by the end of May. (€ 65 for 125ml)

YSL Spring Look

All I can say is “LOVE LOVE LOVE these happy colours!”

Give me some YSL please!

Palette Pink Celebration (€ 52,86)

Crème de Blush N° 5 – Temptation Fuchsia (€ 38,65)

Ombres 5 Lumières N° 10 – Bohemian Chic (€ 53)

Mascara Singulier N° 6 – Deep Plum (€ 29,80)

Rouge Pur Couture N° 26 – Rose Libertin (€ 29,70)

Manucure Couture N° 5 – Favorite Chic (€ 32,52)