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Copy The Look: Jessica Szohr

Jessica Szohr is known as Vanessa Abrams on Gossip Girl, the girl that inspires me as it comes to playing with colour, prints and layering. Still it is a bit tricky that Vanessa is supposed to be a poor girl forced to dress bohemian chic. It is hard to believe that I’m the only one recognizing all the expensive designer items she is wearing. Or has Marc Jacobs been downgraded to a designer for the poor people in New York?

Anyway, Vanessa Abrams has great style and in real life Jessica Szohr’s ecletic style looks pretty good too. Let’s mix and match and copy her look.

Vila Denim Shirt (€ 54,95) / Pieces Gold Cuff / Asos Turquoise Enamelled Ring With Metal Surround (€ 10,50) / Essentiel Sequined Skirt / Essie Trophy Wife Nail Polish

Picture: Garance Doré

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