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Crumble… little foodies for big appetites

Desperately falling in love with the handmade foodie-jewels of Crumble.

As they say so themselves ‘Little jewels that add taste to your style’ and – honestly – I can’t find a better way to discribe them.

The Crumble range contains ‘Bakies’, ‘Cookies’, ‘Sweeties’, ‘Tarties’, ‘Fairies’, ‘Icies’, ‘Salties’, ‘Fruities’ and ‘Veggies’. A bit too much to choose from but hey, 15 euros for a brooch is a bargain, no?

Here are my favorites:

‘Cream Wafels’ earrings (€17)

‘Frisco Choc’ pendant (€15)

‘Macaron Pink’ earrings ((€19)

‘Wafelcookies’ brooch (€15)