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Looking for a smartphone pouch

Delvaux ‘Cabas’ Fauve (€ 120) / Mulberry Mini Messenger Electric Blue (€ 200) / Hermès iPhone etui (€ 215) / Exessory Sleeve with Swoosh Gold (€ 49,99) / Burberry Embossed patent-leather case@ Net-à-Porter (€ 165) / Smytshon Leather smart phone cover @ Net-à-Porter (€ 103,43) / Paul Smith Hydrangea Print Phone Case (€ 100) / Fab. iPhone Holder With Robe Pink Pale Stone Python (€ 35) / Louis Vuitton iPhone pouch (€ 180) / Michael Kors Jet Set Multifunction Phone Case  Python Embossed ($ 58)

Thirsty for a Sip of Karl

After a successful collaboration last year the King of Fashion, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld, designed three new Limited Edition bottles for Coca Cola Light.

For the second serie of alumium bottles Karl was inspired by Heidi Mount, Coco Rochas and Jeneil Williams. Available on May 14.

Pretty Pink Birthday Presents

What a doll!

I do have found my own Mister Perfect!

Say hello to this ‘Sweet Talkin Ken Doll’ that says whatever I want him to say. By pressing the button on his awesome chest Ken starts recording my voice with his built-in microphone. A few seconds later I can play it back in a high, a normal or a low pitch by using the three buttons on his lower back.

The ‘Sweet Talking Ken’ is part of a homage payed to the male Mattel doll. The man is already celebrating his 50th birthday. Almost unbelievable!

Available at Colette e-shop (€ 35)