Yummy Jewelry

I don’t know what it is about delicious jewelry but they keep on giving me instant love affairs. Like when I came across the Spanish online shop Abataba. Their delightful handmade accessories are simply impossible to resist.

Salad ring with tomato, cucumber, lettuce, black olives and vinegar (€ 21,50)

Sandwich earrings (€ 9,50)

Whisk necklace with a nice whisk, a bowl and two eggs ready for whisking (€ 25)

Cocoa cream sandwich ring (€ 14,50)

Marshmallow earrings (€ 6,50)

Toaster necklace with two slices of toast freshly made (€ 25)

Hot couture cake ring with a vanilla and strawberry cake, covered with cream and chocolate shavings (€ 35)


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